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Replacing neck on a 70's strat

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Hey everyone,


I am a long-time player but an absolute noob when it comes to repairs and would much appreciate some advice from sagely repair dudes.

To cut a harrowing story short; whilst on tour the neck of my 1976 fender strat snapped in an unrepairable fashion. The time has come to look at replacing the neck to get it playing again but I'm stumped on the best course of action.  From what I've seen on ebay and the like, a matching neck from the same year is around £500 (see here). I'm open to such an expense (it was my first real guitar) but wondering if it is as simple as buying a matching neck and having it fitted? are other options available? or should i just sell the body and hardware and look for a new strat?


Thank you to anyone that can offer me some help!


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I'm not a Stratocaster expert though I would think the value of a period correct neck is the same as the value of a '76 Corvette with matching numbers.  More correctly in this case, the '76 Corvette with a replacement '76 350 c.i.d. motor.  If you replace the period piece with anything non-period, then you are neither presenting a true vintage product nor a truly modified piece, which may mean totally updating the piece.  

In other words, the value of the period correct neck is primarily its worth to the guitar's resale value.  

Buying the period correct neck would allow you to sell the guitar as a '76.  No need to mention the replacement neck really unless you feel obligated to acknowledge the change.  Replace the neck with anything non-period and you are definitely obligated to acknowledge the replacement neck.  That likely would require you go into details regarding the incident which caused the breakage of the OEM neck.  As they say, that might prove to be embarrassing.  

The value is mostly monetary and typically not a matter of playability.  

Head to a shop and play current Strats with various neck profiles.  If you find a neck you like, buy that for less cash than the '76 neck.  If you change your mind after awhile, get the '76 neck.   

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Guitar necks on solid body guitars aren't that difficult to replace. However, I would recommend to get it repaired by a luthier who can install it and set it up correctly. As JanVigne said, if you want to keep it vintage get an original replacement.


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I am a Stratocaster fan, so I'll give my 2 cents and say, stay away from ebay. Get the neck from Fender/local Guitar shop. :)

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