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classic guitar neck bend

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Hello dear friends.
I Recently started to put an effort into setting my old guitars up and fixing those that needs some fixing.
I have this not so old classic guitar. she was pretty cheap, but of an OK quality. haven't touched her in a while, but now that i have been researching and performing some set ups on other guitars, i noticed the neck in this one is quite problematic. seems to have got quite a bend just on the connection with the body. is this repairable? or even worth the hassle? if it is and anyone has had similar problem i'd love to hear how you dealt with this situation.
btw, the guitar has no truss rod.







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Is the guitar worth repairing. If it is I would recommend taking it to a luthier who can make the repair.,


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Not sure what exactly the photos are meant to show but they sure came up on a very raunchy webpage.  I cleared my browser history after clicking on just one image.  


IMO neck problems on "classical guitars" are the death of the guitar as you know it.  You either replace the neck or, at the least, you do major repairs where the neck comes off the guitar.

Or you move on.  

This isn't like having a sick dog you have had for 15 years.  This is just a "pretty cheap" guitar you haven't really played.  If you liked it enough to fix it, you would have been paying it all these years.


Move on and put your time into learning how better to play guitar.  This one's now a wall hanging.  

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