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Re: GC-DREAD-12 (Advice Please) (Gator Case)

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Re: GC-DREAD-12 (Advice Please) (Gator Case)

After reading all of the reviews & checking out the sizes etc, as best as I could online.
I’ve just bought the above case for my new 'Vintage Reissue EKO Ranger XII VR 12 string Acoustic'
This is a reissue of their original 60 model.

Great case, but I'm not sure if it's deep enough?

The case spec says it has an internal body height of: 5 inches (127mm) deep.

The EKO is 4 ¾ inches (121mm) at its deepest point (ie: the bodies bottom end block)
so it seemed just right.

However, there is a little resistance as you go to close the lid.
The lid rest on the top of the guitar remaining open about ½ inch (12mm),
until you apply light downward pressure, where upon it closes onto its alloy rim, but re-opens as you remove that pressure.

This resistance seems to be caused by the height of the bridge, and its bridge-pegs,
which adds about ½ inch (12mm) to the EKO's overall height (so now totalling 5 ¼ inches / 133mm approx.)

BTW: The bridge is at a slightly shallower part of the body (at: 4 5/8)
...but the back of the guitar may not be touching the bottom of the case at that point, because the neck cannot go lower in the case than the fixed height of the storage-box (under the neck) will allow.

In fact, the bridge and all of the strings leave a slight indentation in the top lining,
(which simply brushes away when you run you hand over them)
further indicating that it is only closing after compressing the inner padding.

I don’t want to do anything that will harm this instrument, so I would appreciate your advice.

Many thanks.

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Otherwise, a snug fit is best for a case. If the bridge indention brushes away, don't worry.

Yes :yes: I have a guitar with a made for case and there's a bridge indentation and even the strings, nice and snug.

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I have to press the guitars into the cases due to a nice tight fit. Mostly my guitars never see the inside of their case. I find it easier to play outside the case. I think my acoustic guitar cases were about $250 when I bought them many years ago. I nice tight fit is great except for trousers.

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