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Steven Mal

How did you learn legato and what are some exercises you frequently practice?

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I'm trying to learn legato playing and I've used various exercises for about six months now but I feel like I'm not improving much. How did you learn legato technique and what exercises do you use?

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First, tell us what you have done to practice this technique.

Next, are you using a metronome?

Are you self teaching? Or, using an instructor?

What about your playing makes you feel as if you are in a rut?

I've been using exercises and lessons from websites and videos. I could post links if you want to see exactly what I'm doing. I always use a metronome when I practice legato. Currently I am self-taught. My playing hasn't improved in months and I discovered that I don't have a lot of stamina, in addition to lacking speed.

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Thank you for your reply! This is all great advice, some of it I've already heard before. I'm not dependent on notation or tabs. I'm currently practicing at 50bpm for most exercises. I'm also practicing trills. I rarely miss a day of practicing; I usually practice every single day. One problem I have is practicing too much, for too long (one practice session for 2-6 hours at a time) instead of shorter individual practice sessions. Unfortunately, I still need to get a capo. I've been using justinguitar.com and guitarlessons365.com for over about six months now, along with various other websites too. It sounds like I've just hit a plateau and need to be more patient and more diligent, and continue practicing.

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