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Guitarpro 6 notation and tabs

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You very kindly provide GP files for most if not all of your lessons, thank you.

On the strength of which I bought the GP software and I open the files in GP6 and I can then get a really nice printout.

Question: some of the tabs come up with bits that are marked are P.M. - which I think means Palm Mute. Is this just a mistake by the software because you have saved the files as gp4 or do are you signifying right hand finger muting ... or something else?

Also, I notice that you leave the File/Score Information blank; may be this is for copyright reasons but, if not, it would be useful as it prints on the tab/notation .

Thanks for all your efforts on these lessons, I think that they are the best around. And, for anyone that hasn't bought your PlaneTalk yet, just buy it!! Not only is it everything that the marketing says it is but (perhaps even MORE IMPORTANTLY) it has opened my mind to all sorts of possibilities that never occurred to me in all the YEARS I have been learning guitar.


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12 hours ago, aodor said:

Where do you find the Guitar Pro files? I have seen many lessons and can't find a link to the GP files.

If you don't have Guitar Pro, download TUX. comĀ  it will play guitar pro files for free

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