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Tudor Ranta

Gretsch G2420T Vs Danelectro '63 Dano BKS

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    • By Axe2Rock
      Hello everyone,  I joined this community to further learn more about guitar playing,  tools and gears that is being used nowadays for recording and hopefully I can share also some of my guitar ideas as well. Just recently joined YouTube as Axe2Rock, you can follow me as well if you have time. Thanks
    • By texred
    • By texred
      A friend is offering to sell me a guitar. I haven't talked to anyone about this, so I'm asking ya'll. The money is not a consideration (between my friend and I).
      Up for purchase we have: 2014 Tribal Red Agile AL 2000 & a _______Vintage Cherry PRS SE Standard 22.
      Come on. . . !
      I don't care if you laugh at me
    • By texred
      I really hate doing this, but I've looked all thru Tech and can't find anything recent.
      I also apologize for creating a topic that already exists
      And how do you make a new post?
      Yesterday Clancy taught me how to reply.
      God this is painful.
    • By texred
      My guitars have been in the desert for a year now, and they need a bath badly. Gibson says don't let any oil get on the strings, but others have said clean them up as well. Which is ok? And the frets are poking out painfully on the strat.
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