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Review: Cordoba GP100 Guilele

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I haven't seen too many reviews on this so I decided to make one here...

So, this is the Cordoba Guilele. Same size as a Tenor Ukulele. In fact, I thought it was a Ukulele when I saw it then I saw the strings and whoah! Haha

I had to try it and eventually walked home with it. The store mistakenly tuned it to standard so I eventually set it to A.


It feels almost like playing from the 10th fret on a standard electric. Pretty tight but you get used to it. I have average sized hands tho. Guys with big hands should definitely try first.

That said, I do everything on this. But I like doing fingerstyle more for some reason. So I've been playing a LOT of Led Zep, classical and Fade To Black sounds real good too. And I actually wrote my first "jazzy" track on this (used an electric for recording but hey).

The body is tiny. If you've used a Uke, then you've got the idea.

But that was really what made me buy this thing. The small size means I can bring it anywhere. It's my fave traffic companion. And it has become my main guitar at home. It's so small that I find myself grabbing it and just playing on the couch.


I really like how this sounds with fingerstyle. The notes pop and sizzle like nothing else (well maybe a uke).

Open chords give off a lot of volume but the sound is more uke-like than standard since it really is basically a Uke with added bass.

Whatever the sound tho, it's only apparent how different this is from standard when directly compared alongside one.

Since I've Only been playing this, it sounds great and complete to me. Like I said, I play Fade To Black, Babe I'm gonna Leave You and Blood Sugar Sex Magic on this. Those are some serious power chord riffs.

Basically it's standard guitar with a capo on 5th.


I got this in person and not online so I was able to test it and the build quality is really quite excellent. Satin finish feels real nice.

And for about $150, it was a great package: guilele + pics + gigbag + tuner.

Perfect For:


Noodling Around


Camp fires


Honing your fingerstyle


I love this thing.

Whatever gets you to playing more guitar is GOOD. And for that, this has been fantastic. I don't bring my other guitars when I travel or go to work but I bring this.

I usually just turn on the radio and play along.

At home, without knowing it, I log in an hour or so just playing.

The tuning is different but I play everything as if it was standard (too lazy to do the math). Sometimes, I adjust when its stuff you can sing along to like Beatles, Sweet Child, Somewhere Over the Rainbow (uke version).

Planning to record a composition, which I will post here when I'm done. But if you want an idea of the sound, Youtube "Guilele" or "Guitalele, Guitele" (the names are apparently trademarked, only Cordoba uses Guilele, I think Yamaha uses Guitele).

Anyway, I hope you liked the review of this fantastically fun instrument!



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Neat, looks like a 6 string uke.

Thanks for reading!

6 string uke is basically what it is.

You can play it exactly like a uke - that is, focus on the high strings and you'll get that same uke sound.

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