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It would help us if you would explain what the difficulty is.

Is it memorization of chord patterns or the fingering of them or difficulty

in reaching frets and stretching? Sore fingers? Barre chords?

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Chords can be tricky.

The method I started with were with power chords first - index finger on bass 6th string and pinky on 5th string below the bass, one fret apart. You use the same shape and just move it around for different the different chords.

Then when you're more comfortable with that, you add notes. Keep the index finger as is and put your ring finger where your pinky used to be and put your pinky on the string under your ring finger.

You can also move the finger pattern 1 string down so your index finger is on the 5th string and the next ring or pinky finger is on the 4th string.

Most rock and metal rhythm is basically just moving that same finger form around.

If you get more comfortable still, you can add another finger. So you have index on the bass string and 3 fingers. Major chord on 6th string is basically your index on 6th bass string and adding an open "E" chord shape with your remaining fingers.

Move one string down so your index is on 5th string and make an "A" chord with your remaining fingers.

And just move those around for other notes.


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