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Terrance O Smith

Pickup game (for guitar, that is)

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Hi, fellow guitar noobs! Got a question I wanna put in the court of public opinion...(okay, I'll quit the dumb basketball puns...)

I have 3 guitars I want to change the pickups in, an Ibanez Jem Jr. (just got it for my birthday), an LTD F-200, and an Ibanez ART300 Black Caiman. (still waiting on that Ibanez endorsement deal...) Anyhoo, the stock pickups in the Caiman are just freaking beastly, but I wanna drop a Seymour Duncan Jazz Model in the neck because that one right there just is so sweet and mellow to counterbalance the nasty in the Ibanez LO-Z bridge. For my LTD, I wanna change out the whole damn set to DiMarzio EVOs. Just need something a little hotter. Now, for the JEM Jr....I know exactly what I want in the bridge, either a Crunch Lab or Invader bridge set, and Vintage rails in the middle. But, I'm looking for suggestions for a good neck pickup to use in an H/S/H config.

Any thoughts?

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