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My Back Pages - simple chords?

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Hi everyone,

I am a new guitar player and new to this forum - what a great resource. I have a humble beginner's request: my newborn nephew's 'coming home' party is in a few weeks. I would like to play one of my favourite songs, Dylan's My back Pages, for him. However, the chord patterns I have found online are frankly too complicated for my very basic skills (although I do plan to figure them out eventually!)

Could anyone suggest a simpler chord pattern (two or three chords) for this song? I would be extremely grateful.


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Hi Sameead, I expect the biggest challenge will be remembering all the words.

I have seen video of Dylan performing this song only a couple of weeks after it was released - he forgot the words towards the end, and the audience sang it back for him while Dylan played on - Dylan could hardly believe it - one of music's great moments. Good luck - a great song.

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