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Joseph Goodwell

This Inspiered My To Write A Great Tune...

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The Perseid Meteor Shower is a yearly event, but having it coincide with a moonless night occurs far less often. And it is less often still to have a clear and cloudless night when that such occurs -- as it did over much of the US last night.

I, for one, took advantage of the occasion, awakened at 3:30 by means of my natural alarm clock (I can usually set a time in my head and awaken within 5 minutes of it -- sometimes within 1 minute -- don't ask me how), and went out to the spa. The shower was expected to peak at about 4:00am.

Lay on my back in soothing water and watched the show. It was wonderful!

Small meteors -- the type that would go unseen in a moon-lit sky appeared every 20 or 30 seconds -- sometimes several at once. Those big and bright ones commonly called "shooting stars" -- the ones that that sweep across the sky leaving a glowing trail -- occurred maybe once every two minutes or 3 minutes.

Anyone else enjoy the show?

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Didn't see it but I know what you mean by the Natural alarm. Had a friend who if you asked him what time it was he could give it to you accuractly within 5 mins without looking at a watch (watch for those new kids was a time piece usually strapped to the wrist) even if he passed out for a while.

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