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Collab with Carol :)

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How'do folks :)

this is a Jam on some lyrics from Carol i tweaked n added a bit....just an idea the noo ;) maybe could use some more of the lines Carol had.

here's a bit of the original lyric idea from Carol :)

When we/I were/was/are young we [always] thought/think,

[That] Everyone was/is on our side

We grew/grow a bit and learn/ed that life is

Somehow not that kind

The real world does not work that way

We find that no one’s 'on our side'

It took a while but now I’ve learned.......

...Someone’s been lying to me

Yeah....someone’s been lying to me

People are used and thrown away

Lying, cheating is how they play

Don’t care [at all] that people [get] hurt

Winner takes all is what they say

here's an extended practise jam :DS1bltm Jam.mp3


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How'do Paul! I've been wondering what you've been up to in your 'summer' over there - sunning yourself on the beach and chatting up all the girls most likely... :yes:

I am always so impressed with how you can make some lines into a song - and your guitar playing is always magic - I could listen to it all day.

To be honest I can't remember exactly what I sent you, but I could probably track it down on my computer somewhere. Maybe you could post whatever I sent you as an idea for this, in case other people want to have a go?

You say this is just a jam, but as always, your jams are beyond what most people here aspire to as a final recording after years of practice - and you've already done a great job with this one too - Shlangivar! :beer:

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wow ! Its been a while since ive popped in but this is really cool. Great job Paul and great lyrics Carol. Would love to see this one get the finishing touches with a couple more verses ! :clap:

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