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Father Goose

Yet Another REAPER DAW question.

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Hi all

I sort of busted the HEADPHONES out socket on my laptop and am now using a USB PnP Sound adapter (exactly like this one.. http://image0.buyincoins.com/bicv2/product/s0/show/usb-sound-1.jpg) for recording (mic/line in) and headphones playback during recording.

Direct Sound (ref. pc) is the only audio device setup settings on REAPER that works for this device. I cant seem to get it to work with ASIO drivers or any of the others.

However, when I'm recording, I'll hear the original signal PLUS a delayed signal (as loud as the original). Really distracting and frustrating in trying to keep time with the track. Its not heard during playback though. I've also messed around with the buffer settings but still cant get rid of it (the 'delayed' signal). Theres also latency but not that much and its something I can deal with.

I'm hoping seasoned REAPER users can show me what to do to overcome this. And if you know how I can use ASIO4Alll drivers for this device, that'll will really make me day.

Thanks in advance :)


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