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Collab with Carol (Sacred Swords?)

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How'do folks :)

I managed to get a wee idea recorded with some lyrics from Carol :D

Sacred swords will feel the edge

Pain will blind the sinner’s pledge

Those who hide will be set free

(And) justice hunts down those who flee

Hunt the powers of those who fell

Only powerless souls can tell

Secrets of the unkind kings

Changing all and everything

Knights and damsels save the day

Starsailors sing our souls to sway

Poets dream and sinners pray

Actors all, we perform our play

Untitled (4).mp3

i tweaked a couple of lines on the recording.....and added some words of wisdom from Russell Jones near the end

I've been out of Guitar playing action for a wee while now, some kind of nerve damage in my right arm, i'm starting to get feeling back now tho.. :smilinguitar:


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Hey Paul! There's nothing like a bit of good old gratuitous righteous violence on Mother's Day! I think you did a great job with my experiment into...something...I'm not sure what. Excellent!

I'd almost given up on you - sorry to hear about the nerve damage - please be careful about that - it would be a tragedy if you ended up not being able to play guitar. You don't want to end up having to start again from scratch as a lefty. My own problem was in the left hand so I could still use the left to strum etc, as a lefty, but damaging your right would mean it would be stressed even more if you switched over to using your right hand for fretting.

I've been writing quite a bit lately - mostly different length bits and pieces that still need to be 'made' into something by someone who can play/sing better than I can..... :whistling

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How'do Carol :)

lol...... i did come on here the other day and replied.......maybe forgot to hit post?...something... :brickwall: ..lol

my arm and hand is much better now :yes::smilinguitar:

I look forward to hear any ideas you have ;) post away :D

i started an idea for "All the ways to lose" idea you sent me - could maybe make it a thread and post the idea progressing...

on a different note - my niece played her first gig last week :guitardude: Singing and playing Guitar, a solo performance at a wee outdoor Gig ...lol... doesn't seem that long since i bought her first Guitar - she will be playing again tomorrow at a similar event :)


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