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Recommendation between Martin X-1DE, Seagull S6 Original & Taylor Big Baby

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New to the forum. I am in the market to purchase a new guitar, I played many years ago & would like to begin playing again.

I'm looking for recommendations between these three or if there is something else I should be looking at. I would like to keep by budget around $500 but would consider a little bit more if there is something I should be considering.

For now I will be using the guitar to practice and have fun with at home, but may join some friends and play live down the road. I'm 5'6" if that matters, average size hands and fingers.


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Hi shekie, I always advise people that if possible, they should go to a guitar store (with as many guitars as possible, and more than once if you are not sure) and play a few guitars to get the feel and hear the sound/tone of a guitar.

If you can't play yet, ask someone at the store to play your preferred ones for you (they always want a chance to show off their skills!), and then you can compare/listen to the sound and tone of the guitars you think might be what you want.

I find that for me, the tone of the sound produced by a guitar is very important, and also how comfortable it feels to play (or to hold if you can't play at all yet). Do not be guided by price alone - each guitar is different and each person is different. My favourite guitar now, is an ebay special with a repaired ding, and it cost me $400. I personally like the sound of cedar top guitars over spruce top ones. so try to listen to a cedar top guitar if they have one in the store.

I suppose a good thing to keep in mind is to make sure you get a 'solid' top guitar. Any guitar that has the word 'solid' somewhere in it's description will be solid top guitar. This means it is made from a single piece of timber, not laminated sheets. This gives a better sound and the guitar acoustics are liable to improve with time, not deteriorate as laminates can do.

Think about whether you want to get an acoustic guitar which you can plug into an amp or recording device (an acoustic/electric) e.g. for making home recordings you could upload here, or plug into an amp for playing at gigs etc.... :)

My big wake-up moment happened when I once asked to play the most expensive guitar in the store, just to see what I 'was missing out on' and found that my crappy guitar playing still sounded crappy on a $4,000 guitar, and I didn't like the sound/tone it produced either. :)

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I own 5 different seagull guitars, prices ranging from 400 to 900

2 cedar tops and 3 spruce tops. 3 of the 5 are acoustic electric,

The other 2' I use a Dean sound hole pickups when I want to use an amp

For your money, the seagull is the best buy, and the most underrated guitar I have played

Built in Canada, sounds great and not as expensive as Martins or Gibsons, but in my opinion sounds as good

or better - well worth looking at.

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Sounds like Canada is putting out some nice guitars. I've heard good things about the Godan and thinking about one.


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Yea Mike. There are some great ones from Godin

I just recently purchased a Godin 5th Ave semi hollow

it has two pickups ( the cheaper one has one pickup)

This guy sounds great, my favourite so far, play it at all my gigs now

Check them out. Big value for you bucks

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