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Father Goose

Latest acquisition :P

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Didnt get any gifts for me birthday (belated).... so I went out and bought meself one.

Couldnt get any less pathetic than that! Hehehehe

A pre-loved 5-yr old Ibanez Gio GSA 370QM with fresh 0.09s

DSCF4455-Copy.jpg DSCF4451-Copy.jpg

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Thanks for the well wishes guys. The quilted maple top looks great. I'd prefer if its in a 'natural' color though. Oh well....

Its been really busy these past few days and I couldnt take her for a good 'run'.

Anyway..... I picked up these two yesterday morning. A pre-loved Peavey Raptor EXP & a Samick Bass (my 1st bass).

Would you believe that I got them for a song as well!? :D

Now all I need is a bass amp & more patience from the wifey!



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