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Is this Eppiphone Les paul II special any good?

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Hi every one, I found a les paul II special, for sale online, its second hand, but thats fine, ill include the pictures, any good? I ran a check on the serial numbers on a site, said it was manufactured in 04 in china :online2lo








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Is it "any good"? Don't know, do you need a Les Paul? Epiphone builds mostly entry level product at lower prices than the genuine Gibson line. Lots of companies market LP knock offs made in the same factory as the well known brands. Several other well known companies make LP knock offs that generally cost less than a genuine Gibson.

IMO Epiphone's archtops are more versatile than their LP models but, if you think you need a LP, Epiphones are OK.


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I've had my Epi LP for about 10 years and still like it. That one looks good, the cherry sunburst really pops on my screen. If you don't mind single volume/tone controls and the selector position, looks like you are good to go. Please note that if you can, go and have a play first, there are lots of different neck shapes. cheers

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