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Guitar too resonant

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I'm not sure if my guitar has an issue or if this is normal,

I have a chambered mahogany electric guitar.

For a fair number of frets on the fret board, if I pick the note, then pick the next higher fret, the first note still rings, clashing with the new note.

For example, pick the 5th fret on the high E, then the 6th fret, you can hear both notes at the same time and it sounds like crap

It's especially noticeable with any overdrive or distortion, but even if I unplug the guitar and put my ear right to the wood, I can still hear it.

Some frets ring out far too long; even after trying to mute with left hand they will still ring, I can only stop the ringing by muting with my right hand.

I created a quick mp3 to show the issue http://picosong.com/4V7R

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I would have it checked out by a guitar tech. Harmonic ringing can be caused by several things. Possibly anything from technique, old strings, saddle adjustment, setup, bad fretwire, etc.


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Didn't notice the mp3 link earlier. I'd say its the electronics, as soon as you play the A# your muting the A.

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