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Thanksgiving Family Photo

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It's Thanksgiving in the US, and I decided to gather the family for a photo. Nice pic, first time most of us have been in the same room at once. Ah, but a couple failed to show their faces. You know how that is...

Like many of you, I suffer from GAS. It's not bad if you've had it for 20 years. Most of these were purchased because it was a deal "to good to pass up." Funny thing, I've recorded with each one of the guitars (including the bass) and the uke.

From L to R: 1st row: '77 Iida Banjo (Dad gave me); '12 Fender Hellcat; '11 Martin D15M; '03 Epiphone Les Paul; 2nd row: '13 Fender American Special Telecaster; '12 Ibanez AS93; '10 Squier Deluxe IV Jazz Bass; '07 Fender Stratocaster MIM; '94 Fender Stratocaster MIM; 3rd Row: '12 Lanikai Soprano Ukelele; '04 Johnson Mandolin; Not pictured: '09 Walden Natura N730 Classical and the '07 Yamaha FG335 aka "the boredom killer," the troublemakers of the family


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