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Ovation Closed Their U.S. Plant in Connecticut

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Hi there,

Ok, I know I am usually a bit slow but I just found this info today and I couldn't find anything about it in here.

Ovation closed their plant in New Hartford Connecticut in June. Well phooey...............................

I have an Ovation Balladeer Special that was made there. It was a Christmas gift from my sons 13 years ago and I love the darn thing.

Always wanted to get another one but I need another guitar like I need another wife.

I love my wife to death, but I think one just may be my limit. :poke:

I know Ovations are a victim of "personal taste", meaning you love 'em or you hate 'em, but I thought they

were an amazing instrument. Mine has been perfect since it was given to me and had it's first setup.

They are still going to be made in Korea, Taiwan etc. but it isn't going to be the same for me.

I love that "Made in Hartford Ct. USA" sticker inside the bowl.

Guess I'll spend some time tomorrow oiling the fretboard and giving it some new strings.

Think I'll be keeping this one for a long time.........................................


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Good One Gas, that guitar will be worth a bit when they take it back from you after you're gone. Hopefully a very long time away. Another wife could shorten that time considerably, especially if the first one found out! :oop:

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It's really too bad they closed the plant and are out sourcing to overseas countries. Unfortunately, Made in the USA is becoming a thing of the past.


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Im late on this i know, but didnt know about the closing, I have a 1994 collectors edition ovation , I like it ok and had thought several times about selling it to bay a tradinal acustic, but maybe I will hold on to iet now


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