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Ignore the Dean Bass...

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The nut broke on the Dean while it was stored in its case! A friend who likes to putter received it as a fixer upper. I had the 705 and didn't need the Dean anyway.

The Yamaha acoustic's nut came unglued, but the strings hold it in place. :clap:

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Here's a closeup of the Strat. On second thought, maybe it looks more like marble than granite? You be the judge. ;)

I removed the knobs when I was into furiously strumming barre chords at MEGADETH speed. In retrospect it might have been a gimmick, but I felt that the knobs were in my way. :whistling


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Nice collection.


I'd wanted to add an Ashdown Electric Blue to my amp collection since long ago (when I was still actively playing) but never got around to it. I have a nice-but-modest Epiphone EP 800B 15W bass amp. It was fine for use with the Dean bass...but the 705 overwhelms it all too easily. The 705 is an Ibanez Soundgear power bass designed with heavy metal and speedmetal in mind. Those pups sound as big as they look. :wow:

My most powerful amp (blast from the past) was a 250W Peavey that, while not a mini/practice amp, was easily carried from place to place to play. I sold that because I didn't need that power to play at home or with just a few friends around.

My 705 bass, altho' a very good axe, isn't suitable for use with a small amp under ANY circumstances. Oh well. :rolleyes:

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