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    • By Flokostas
      I have 350€ and i want to buy an amp for home practising. I've done a little research and I've found some amps: Blackstar id 30tvp, marshall mg30cf, vox vt 20x, fender mustang 2 and peavy vypyr 2. I want my amp to have good distortion and a good clean channel. Which one should i buy? Can you propose me a better amp for the money?
    • By DAMPDX
      Hello therre all.  I consider myself a newbie guitar player even though I have been playing on and off ( mostly off) since I was a kid. I have had 3 Guitars so far in my lifetime and have always wanted an American Stratocaster. So I saved up for a long time and waited for a sale to be announced at GC and Bought one!  I'll post a pic after I actually have it (had to order it). So anyway, I am hoping this forum is much more friendly than some of the other forums I have seen so far. I am humble and not an elitist. So I really appriciate positive feedback over anything negative. I hope I will be on this forum for a long while and I also hope to contribute in some way. Thanks!
    • By Steven Mal
      I'm trying to learn legato playing and I've used various exercises for about six months now but I feel like I'm not improving much. How did you learn legato technique and what exercises do you use?
    • By Nick Mifsud
      Hello! I recently bought a 100 watt Fender Mustang III amp that works perfectly and is played constantly. Before this amp I had the earlier, smaller, 20 watt version (Fender Mustang I) and constantly played it and took good care of it. And all of the sudden it slowly stopped distributing full sound out of the amps guitar input. The speaker still works, for it still plays sound but very low and with no effects whatsoever at a very loud volume on my guitar and the amp itself. I suspected that inside the amp the jack was loose or simply came off and I was wondering how I could fix this perhaps? I'm looking to sell it and I'd like it to work haha.
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