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Father Goose

Another 'new' guitar acquisition...

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Hi everyone

Check out my latest acquisition which I'm prepping for re-sale. Bought it in a really bad condition (multiple scratches & dents, rust & oxidisation, gunk, pots jammed etc) so had to do some 'work' on it. Aesthetically, lets call it a 'serious player conditioned' guitar.

Although its supposed to be a 'cheap MIC guitar', what attracted me to this is the logo on its headstock. Thats the old TGM logo and I think this could be 'vintage'.


- Replaced the pots (Me being a novice with a solder, the end result was really ugly. But it worked)

- Cleaned up the guitar. Cant get rid of the sticker residue even with lighter fluid, WD40, baby oil & household bleach!

- Cleaned up the frets & fingerboard using the 'ink eraser' method & then oil it with 'ahem' FURNITURE oil.

- Took apart all the hardware (except PUPs) and let it sit overnight in WD40. Sadly, couldnt save the 'gold colour'.

- Replaced the chipped plastic nut (now graphite), strap buttons, some screws, volume & tone knobs (love the new look!)

- Restrung with 9's & set neck relief & action,

- Adjust intonation. Encountered a stuck saddle height adjustment screw & its still unresolved. Low E & D string unable to get the intonation spot on cos saddle's already been pulled way back. Any help here?

I thought of sanding down the body and let the wood grain show but I dont have the tools. Anyway, heres the 'before & afte'r pics. Hope to get a good deal for this and for all the 'work' done & more. :)

Will post a short video on how she sounds soon. (awesome on hi-gain! ... but hum is a problem)

BTW, does anyone know what guitar this TGM is copied from? Thanks.


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Father Goose,

You did a good job on this one. The hum may be caused by poor grounding. Make sure you don't have any cold solder connections and it's shielded properly. I did a quick Google search and there are several articles on grounding guitars.


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Thank you all for the great motivating feedback :P

It was fun working on it and to see the end result.

I will not reveal how much I paid for it and I hate to admit it but I think I'm falling in love with this guitar, blemishes and all!

Mike: I took a look at some of the solutions on the 'hum' but thought it as more 'work' to do. So I settled for some tin foil placed inside the backplate cover of the electronic cavity to minimise the hum. Look like its working but not as good as grounding them.

Here are more pictures


And this is how she sounds plugged into a Vypyr 15watt. Video is recorded with a compact camera placed close hence a 'not so good' representation....


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