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Stringing a Floyd Rose SpeedLoader?

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Hey guys, I am having a problem stringing a guitar and I can't find much help online.

It's a BC Rich NJ Series Beast with a Floyd Rose SpeedLoader, and there aren't any videos online about how to string this particular type of SpeedLoader. Everything I've found mentions strings with ball-ends, and the strings on this guitar have cylinders on both ends.

The problem I have is that, when I get the low E string set, I cannot tune it up high enough to the correct tuning. I have tried unscrewing the "saddle" (not sure the term for it) and moving it just a bit further away from the neck, but then the note is too high, even when you tune it down as low as it can go.

I was successful in tuning the other strings, which were already on the guitar. Could it be that this string I bought is the wrong length? (25.5)

How can I get this string in tune?

I hope this describes the problem, as I don't have a video or a diagram that shows it.


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If you move the saddle position away from or towards the nut you will change the intonation of that string.

This video shows you how to tune this type of bridge

If you are tuning correctly according to the instructions on the video, i.e. you are adjusting the range tuning screws under the saddle and not just trying to tune using the fine tuners on the top of the bridge, but still can't get the right pitch then I think you may have the wrong gauge of string.

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