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Acustic/Classic guitar

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Hi guys

In start my english isn't best.

I have 350 pln =~85 Euro (minimal in Poland is 1300)

I want to buy good not new guitar (used?)

What guitar should be better for songs like this

or song covers?

I think i prefer acustic guitar but im not sure.

Anyway i thought about Yamaha f310 - 350 pln and yamacha c30m - 300 pln

Can you give me name good and cheap guitar?


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Try this guide, you can find out a lot of factors that influence to your choice. I see most of beginners choose seagull S6 or Yamaha FG700s. I think this is the great choice, both guitars are wonderful and it's safe for a good budget. hope this advice is helpful for you.

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I think you have to decide whether you want an acoustic or an electric guitar. I purchased a Yahama 12 string guitar a few years ago and am very pleased with the guitar. The action is good and it has an excellent tone. In my opinion, Yahama makes a good guitar for the money. If you want to purchase an electric there are many available. Keep in mind that with an electric guitar purchase you will also need an amp which is an additional expense. If you are just learning, I would recommend going with an acoustic guitar. Good luck with your purchase.


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Hi Sawian,

I think, you are a new guitar learner and you have expressed your interest in purchasing guitar for the first time. Therefore, you had better buy one at an inexpensive rate, I think. New tunes with new guitar could be better in this regard. If you want to buy at a cheap rate, you can get that on this website. I think, Acoustic guitar is perfect for this song. ...................................Have a nice day

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