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Jenny mary

What type of guitar should I buy as beginner guitar player?

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Hello everybody, I am new for guitar playing and already admitted at Boulder Guitar Coach our local guitar training center of boulder area. You can find it by their website boulderguitarcoach.com. But my question is as I am going to starting coaching on guitar playing what type of guitar should I buy as beginner guitar player?

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    • By Alkis Vlachos
      Hello everyone and thanks for looking at my thread
      Well I want your advices on what guitar should I buy. My budget is around 300-350$ already playing with amp 30w line 6 so my problem is a new guitar. I listen a lot to Kyuss Fu Manchu Nightstalker and Down, as you can see I am a big fan of Stoner/doom metal but mostly stoner. I like playing on drop c/d so that's all I can tell you.

      I would like you to propose me few cheap but good guitars for this genre thanks!PEACE.
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