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Liz Charles

My new Yamaha APX 500ii

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My Yamaha APX 500ii. Electro Accoustic.

I bought this guitar a couple of weeks ago.

The reason I chose it is because, it's smaller than the standard full size accoustic, but bigger than a 3/4 size. The body is more narrow and much easier to play. It's also very light in weight.

I think it was designed for small adults.

This electro accoustics also comes in other colours.

I've had a few people from church test drive it for me, and they've all said that it's an excellent guitar. With a really nice sound.

At first I struggled with it as I was used to learning on an Electric guitar which has a much thinner body. And quite heavy.

The only con, that I found, was that the strings were too thick for me. And I thought that the strings seemed a little too far from the fretboard.

( but that's probably only because I'm still a beginner).

Anyway, after having the action lowered and lighter strings put on, I'm really happy with it.

The price for this guitar is. £298.


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Hi Liz,

It's a thing of beauty. Lol. Thanks for the comments on the strings and the action height. As I mentioned before, I am also looking mostly at Yamahas at the moment and your comments will help me arm myself with what to look for when I visit the shop.

It certainly looks the part, hope it does all you want it to and more.

Enjoy playing.



Now ......... That F chord ......

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Hi all,

Thanks everyone who has commented on my post..feelin' luv'ed, lol.

Mset3, thanks, so far I'm enjoying it.

Micky Mac, cheers, It's a fantastic colour

Tostie, Glad to be of help, as for the F Chord, well, it's my worst enemy.

Phillyn17, na, it's not a strat, it's just a beginners, cheap thing, It cost me £100 it's was boxed with a little amp, tuner and strap. It's not a big name, in fact the name is from the shop's company. Eastcoast. Can't remember the name of the shop, but it's in Romford, Essex. I actually tried to sell it to a guitar shop and they offered me £10. yes ten pounds, I thought, yeah right! So I'll either just keep it, or give it away.

Eddiez152, Thank you.

Father Goose, Thank you, As for posting tunes, who, me?? lol. well perhaps one day, when I've more confidence.


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