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best electric for open tuning barre chords

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Howdy All,

I have been playing bass for a few years (took it up late in life), but have recently been fooling around with an acoustic guitar. I've made a couple cigar box guitars so I am used to open tunings. With this 6 string acoustic though, I'm finding it hard to barre all 6 strings effectively. Currently I have it to open G, with the low E string removed and another A string in its place (GGDGBD). It sounds pretty cool and I like it, but it isn't exactly easy to play.

I'm wondering if anyone has an recommendations on an electric guitar that would be a nice match for the type of setup I use. Something with low action, and a narrow fretboard that makes it easy to barre all 6 strings at once. I don't want to spend a mint, and would consider something used. Acoustic would be ok too, but I assume an electric would be easier to play. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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You might consider a used cheap acoustic with a 1 9/16 nut up front. Then see if you can change the saddle a little by bringing in the string spacing.

I have made templates for a guitar repair friend here. I have made exact spacing templates for Martin, Taylor, and Gibson. Of course these run parallel with the fret board from nut to end. But the spacing can be altered if one chose to do so.

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