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Uninformed Noob Looking for Amp Suggestions

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Buildup to question, skippable:

You guys are going to think I'm crazy, but here goes. I love Interpol. Like in a weird obsessive way. I caught Sam's drumstick when they played in my city and it changed my life. That's a long story. A longer story is all about how Interpol got me through my divorce and helped me cope with being a single dad raising a toddler on my own.

Anyway, I've had Sam's drumstick on my desk in front of me for a few years now, inspiring me daily. For a while now, I've fantasized about buying Daniel Kessler's guitar. His actual guitar would cost me over $6000. I could afford it, but it would hit my savings hard, so I gave up on the whole idea. But then I found out they make a reproduction of the Epiphone Casino (sunburst) for around $600. And yes I know that's just one of the guitars Daniel plays, but it was my fav at the concert.

Then I had a crazier fantasy. If I buy this guitar, I could play it!! So I've started researching a bit about guitars only to find out they're incredibly intricate and the whole topic is surrounded by mystery.

I've accepted that I'm very likely to fail. I will suck. It will be too hard. But if that's the case - I can still hang the Casino on my wall and use it as a source of inspiration. So that's my fallback plan.

Actual Question:

But until then, what kind of Amp should I buy to play something like Daniel Kessler's sound? Don't mention the real ones, ha, I think it's a Fender Twin Reverb that costs a million dollars. But can I get like a used amp for $100 that will still sound like Daniel to my noob ears?

I will absolutely not plug in the Casino and make a sound on it unless I know the sound I hear will be something like Daniel's. It's just a fantasy I have. So if I need to spend a few hundred bucks on an amp I'm willing. But frankly, I don't want to pay a lot because I know I'm so likely to fail.

And please tell me I don't need pedals, haha. I don't understand pedals at all, yet! And I'm assuming once I get the whole setup, I'll have to learn how to tune it so I can reproduce the sound I love so much. But I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and don't be afraid to be brutal. Noobs need to be set straight ;)

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I've been playing guitar for about 35 years just as a hobby, I love to sit down an improvise with backing tracks. Anyway, I've had a few practice amps in that time. "Marshels, fenders, Rollands ect.. I have to say out of them all the boss katana 50 is the best bang for the buck IMHO and the boss tone studio software if extremely versatile, you can get any tone.  So for a smaller, affordable but still very loud amp I love it. Check it out.  .


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