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You Never Said Goodbye

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Hey guys,

Thought I throw this in the fray. :) Key of C. Chords include C/Am/F/G. Pretty simple lyrically and melodically. Would like your thoughts on this little tune.

youneversaidgoodbye53014-1 - Track 1 - Audio Track.mp3

You Never Said Goodbye

Chapman Jones ...

There's a dollar on my table

Been sitting there a while

I keep thinkin maybe someday

Go out and buy me a smile

I dont think it'll happen

It's been far too long

And I ain't been one for smlin'

Since you been gone

A breeze walks by the front porch

The screen door made a noise

I look up from the table

Thought I heard a voice

Callin' out my name

There it goes again

I don't see a soul around

Must be the wind


Oh the wind blows through the pines

Sends a chill up and down my spine

You never told me why

You never said goodbye


The Georgia air's a-closin in

Guess I was the fool

Many a night when the moon was bright

Your touch'd keep me cool

Now it's but a day-dream

I heard the sound again

Must be that old screen door

Rattlin' in the wind

Oh the wind blows through the pines

Sends a chill up and down my spine

You never told me why

You never said goodbye



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Glad to hear you haven't lost your touch LC - this one sounds like you are channeling a cross between Dylan (wind blowing + blues harp) and Gordon Lightfoot - it works for me. Nice fancy picking too, and of course great lyrics and singing. :punk:

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