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My Fender Family

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It's been a long time since I posted any pics of my gear. Here's my Fender Family ('12 Fender Hellcat, '94 Mexi Strat, '13 American Special Tele, and '11 Squier Deluxe IV Active Bass:


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Nice collection of Fender guitars. I have a '72 Reissue Thinline Telecaster and a '67 Custom Jaguar.


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I learned just recently that THE BEATLES were into the Epiphone Casino. I always liked the look of the Epiphone Sheraton but was disappointed to see it replaced by the Sheraton II. Never played either one, however.

Love the family, gathered around the fireplace. HENDRIX is my primo guitar great, so of course I have a fondness for Fender. ^_^ They had serious quality issues along the way, sadly. :(

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