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carol m

Spine Tingling Crowd Singing

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Singing of anthems before sporting events can range from cringe-worthy to OK - if you like that sort of thing.

The exception is the singing before a Welsh rugby match. Welsh crowds don't bother about mumbling through therir anthem like most crowds do - if anyone sings at all.

Check out how this Welsh crowd (and players) sing their anthem. Harmonies too. I bet they enjoyed that! And their team won, of course - how could you not win after that? Especially when it's against the English... :escape:

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I found a translation of the words. Try a sing-along - you'll enjoy it!

O land of our fathers - so dear unto me,

Our Country of poets and singers indeed:

Its warring defenders, so gallant and brave,

For freedom their life's blood they gave


Wales! Wales!,

Pledge-full I am to my Wales!

While seas secure,

This land so pure,

O may our old language endure.

O land of the mountains, the bard's paradise,

Whose precipice, valleys lone as the skies,

Green murmuring forest, far echoing flood

Fire the fancy and quicken the blood

For tho' the fierce foe-man has ravaged our realm

The old speech of Wales he cannot o'erwhelm,

Our passionate poets to silence command

Or banish the harp from our strand

The 'fierce foe-man' would be the English. The Welsh language is still used widely even today - and is completely impossible to understand. It has not been completely destroyed by English - for them, the language of the invader. The harp is the official traditional instrument of Wales.

I don't know of any other anthem that brags about its poets and singers!

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