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Global Warning News.... from the Christmas song

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Its been awhile since I recorded any music. This piece is a practice on song writing and recording mix.

Backing track with spoof lyrics.

GLOBAL WARNING NEWS - © Edward Zielinski 2014

Your, nuts roasting on an open fire

The frost, keeps running down your nose

Global warning views being spread by the news

While you, huddle up close like Eskimos

Everybody knows

Hot chocolate and long underwear

Will make your day seem warm and bright

With snow up to your rear

While you shovel til its clear

Bet you wont get any, sleep tonight

We know that Al, is on his way

With loads of made-up info as they say

Loaded up with global warning fact

You can bet he's really got your back

Think of all, the people that have made a buck

On, your troubles, and your frozen toes

But your pal Al is ready to retire

And smiles while he's looking down his nose


So, Im offering another point of view

To kids, from forty to ninety two

Although you had a enough

Of that ice and fluffy stuff

Merry Climate, change to you

Merry Climate, change, to, ...............Jingle Bells

© Edward Zielinski 2-26-14

Global warning news.mp3

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I really believe in global warming.I stared at the sun recently,and I'm much blinder than the last time I stared at it.

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