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Water-Damaged Bass Guitar

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Hello. I recently left my window open and (stupidly) left my bass under it. :brickwall: :oop:Of course it just happened to rain and now the bass doesn't play through the amp anymore. When plugged in, the amp makes a high-pitched whine before not playing. The actual bass plays fine without the amp, but when i plug it in.... I'm fairly certain that the rain water seeped into the electric system of the bass and is damaged there.I know for a fact that the amp is not damaged, as my guitar plays perfectly fine through it. If anyone could tell me how to fix this or how much it would cost to fix it I would be forever thankful. Thank you and cheers!

(By the way, I have an Ibanez Soundgear bass with a Fender Rumble 15 Bass amp)

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It may help if you take the covers off and dry it out thoroughly with a hair dryer.

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Be careful that the hairdryer doesn't get too hot and possibly starts to mar the finish. I would focus on the tone & volume controls, and also the pickups. if they got wet, there are hundreds of wire windings and the water may be trapped in the windings. Using the hair dryer and possibly just letting it sit for a few days my help.

Worse case scenario would be to have to pull the pickups out and either let them dry outside of the guitar, or replace them.

Good luck!

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