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feelin' bad

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I'm going to put my grandma hat on now:

you don't have to be always 'positive' - it's good to feel sad, as well as happy, or content, or whatever. Life is always a mix of happy and sad and both are feelings that we all feel, and each feeling has its own worth. It is not good to deny feeling sad when you're feeling sad - and feeling sad has always been a great inspiration to create great music.

The main thing is to feel something - and no one would ever accuse you of feeling sorry for yourself, but even that is a valuable feeling to experience - and there is nothing 'bad' about feeling sorry for yourself either - as long as you don't go whining-on about it, or go out and shoot someone because of it. Feel what you really feel, and appreciate what you really feel - then write a song about it if you want to.

It's not easy to be feeling sad, but it is a thing to be appreciated for it's own worth. It won't last forever, or not as strongly as it does now. It is something (a feeling) worth remembering.

OK, you can come out from behind the sofa now. :)

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hey Carol ;)

i agree with you totally - esp. that " the main thing is to feel something" and i agree it's no good to deny our feelings, as i feel it only compounds them. i try to face my feelings head on and honestly, and writing a song like this is my form of therapy - i just think it can be all too easy to let the bad feeling get the better of us, to the point where we don't want to let ourselves feel Good again.....

for me writing this song has helped me to deal with the bad feeling - the first 2-lines are the big step for me - when you feel so bad that everything loses it's shine, you have to do something to deal with it, and when you feel so low, there is only one way to go from there, in order to pick yourself up and accept the bad feelings you have to allow yourself to remember the Good, Positive feelings - after all it's the Good, Positive feelings i felt for, from and shared with Sarah, and the thought of losing them that has made me feel so bad - if i hold onto and wallow in the bad feeling it would be an injustice to the Good times, and would be selfish and really "no good to anyone".........

the main reason i posted the lyrics here is that i was in that "everything has lost its shine" zone, and i didn't want to play my Guitar or allow myself to do anything that may be even slightly positive, and i knew that if i posted these lyrics i'd have to take the positive step of turning them to song.....

it may even be a curse....lol...... but no matter how bad i feel, that wee voice inside is always tryin' to pick me up :)

and not to deny myself or anyone else the right to feel bad or even a feel wee bit sorry for ourselves, but there is always someone going through something much worse and harder to deal with, and maybe even dealing with it better.............


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