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Father Goose

Fender USA Stratocaster vs Made In China SX Strat Copy

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Father Goose,

I guess you can't go wrong for a hundred bucks, but China isn't known for its quality products.

Buy America - We need the job here is the U.S.


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True that..... the China thingie. And supporting ones countrys' economy is the right thing to do.

I'm not a U.S. citizen so I wont comment further ;P

Anyways.... Fender (Gibson etc for that matter) had better buck up.

The rest of the world will catch up one day with cheaper & better alternatives and range (& knock-offs as well; not that I approve of this)

You gotta keep one step ahead of the game, so to say.

Honestly, from the video, I find the SX sounds better. Has that 'bite' that the Fender Strat is missing. Then again, tone is subjective & to each his own I suppose. However, the SX range has many QC problems.

Played/tried a few SX Strat copies (owned one too) and currently have a cheap SX Les Paul copy. Recently bought, on impulse; and have not fully 'explore' the guitar. Will get to that soon enough. So far I dont quite like it cos I'm more of a Strat person. My daughter loves it though :P

I've not owned a orig Fender Strat but have played one many years ago. Was young then and big hair metal + pointy guitars was the in-thing then. So the Strat was brushed aside :D

(Mad) Goose.

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The Chinese are very good at making copies. Unfortunately, the materials are generally of lesser quality.

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