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my improvisation in B minor

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I started playing guitar when I was 17. I played everything that was at hand (mostly books). Mainly covers of Metallica, satana, dire straits (it was loud and ... loud) ... Until I stood in deadlock for at stopped playing when I was 23. Now I am 31

8 months ago I discovered the pentatonic scale. Because I'd forgotten a lot from when I was young. Now mostly I try to improvise to the backing. I have a lot of fun from this and I feel that I made some progress. I'm still learning and I'm still looking for new ideas, and I'm still fighting with mistakes.

I hope for some kind of criticism of you.



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Nice playing. I noticed that maybe in some places you could hold the note a bit longer, but I enjoyed listening to your tune.

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Thanks for reply Windsong.

Yes it's true, after six months of listening this I can definitely find few rhythm mistakes and duration of notes.

The problem is that when I listen to my recordings few times i'm losing an objective assessment so someone's opinion is always welcome.

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