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Starting Acoustic Guitar

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Hey guys, I had recently just picked up guitar (and by recently, I mean a few days ago). No experience whatsoever and a limited budget. My cousin had given me his acoustic (Burswood JW-41F), I'm not really educated on which guitars are good and which aren't, the sound on this one isn't too spectacular but I have heard from people it's not that great of a guitar.

I don't really want to spend more than $200, maybe later on, but for now I would just like to know which acoustic (steel string) guitar would be recommended for someone who is just beginning to learn how to play.

My hands are pretty small and my fingers are pretty short but I think it would be best to just learn on a regular sized guitar anyway.

I have been told by a friend who plays about a few he says I should look into

Yamaha FG700S

Yamaha F355

Fender DG-8S

Fender DG-60

Fender CD-60

Epiphone PR-150

Epiphone DR-100

some info on these or others you might recommend would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Tone is produced from a number of things - your ear, techniquie. how you are actually playing the guitar (pick or fingers) and the instrument. With just starting out it will take time to develop your touch, etc. Go for a guitar that feels comfortable and that you can play easily.

Yamahas are normally well-made and a good place to start.

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The Burswood is a pretty good beginners guitar. You may just need some new strings and a set up. Learn on the Burswood, save your money and buy a better guitar after you learn the basics and enjoy playing.


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