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Harish Chetty

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO

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I am new to the guitar world and have basically no idea of what I am up to, But I really would love to learn to play the Guitar

I was confused while selecting the Guitar as the Epiphone Les Paul Standard has three versions, standard,plu and plustop pro, Which version is best for me as a beginner?

Besides what all should I buy for my Guitar, what amps what kind of pics etc.

I need a decent set which does not kill my wallet.

Please help I have no idea about guitars.

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How'do Harish :)

the main difference in the three is the quality (look) of the grain in the wood on the front of the Guitar, and price, i think the Pro version may have more pickup options like a coil tap and maybe a lock tune tailpiece...

the standard is an ideal Guitar for a beginner through to a seasoned player.....i'd say :)

picks and strings etc is down to what feels best for each person...

there are loads of amps available at reasonable cost which are good enough - again to see you from beginner through to more seasoned player :)

the Fender Mustang range and the Roland Cube range are reasonably priced with good sound Quality and features - what i'd go for as a beginner

if it's within your budget, then any Epiphone with one of these amps would be an ideal starter package and could be more than good enough to see you past the beginner stage :)

but there's plenty to choose from in the guitar and amp world these days........too much maybe ;)


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Thanks for the reply

I was thinking that I would go for the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro as I wanted to start with a reasonably good guitar, and I personally love lots of songs where the guitarist is playing a Les Paul. And I have also heard that its a great guitar for beginners as it supports all kinds of music (I have weird choices and I kinda like songs which are romantic and soft to soft metal)

Can you please give me some links (Would love Amazon) to what else should I by, I mean what kind of pics? which amp specifically and which strings?

Thanks for the help

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How'do Harish :)

if just starting out on Guitar, then any guitar and amp will do to start - whatever you can get your hands on, as this is the most important thing when starting out - get your hands on a Guitar and practice ;) i say this, as a lot of folks concern themselves with searching for and purchasing equipment more than actually playing what they have available.....

my advice to complete beginners would be to buy a student Guitar - a nylon string classical style acoustic - and to spend time getting to grips with chords and fingering etc..... before jumping to electric, as nylon string Guitars are a wee bit easier on the fingers and less time getting distracted with Guitar and Amp settings - means more time actually playing and learning ;)

that said we all need to do things our own way and for anyone wishing to start on electric there are lots of good Guitars and Amps available :)

the Epiphone you mention is a good quality Guitar and you won't go wrong if you purchase one;)

as for Amps, i'd recommend - Vox VT20+, Roland Cube-20GX, Fender Mustang II V2 - all are modelling amps with plenty useful features and all the sounds/tones from Clean to Heavy Distortion and everything in between are available from the three of these amps, and are all around £160 here in the UK - the only thing i would say is, for a complete beginner the amount of options from these amps may be overwhelming and a bit of a distraction from just playing and learning to begin with - the reason i'd recommend an inexpensive (@ £30) student Guitar to start....

plectrums/picks - just have to be tried to find your personal preference of material and thickness

Strings - again a personal preference thing, but for a beginner on electric Guitar, i'd recommend 009" gauge ( referred to as 9's, which relates to the string thickness) as they are a wee bit easier on the fingers to start with :)


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I think it's always worth having a look at something you can touch and see in the real world, rather than just online photos, and most Guitar stores should have someone with enough knowledge to guide you and give good advice........... and if you plan on getting an Epiphone Les Paul - it's definitely worth going for a look, as most Guitar stores (in Scotland at least) tend to have a good number of them to choose from, various models and colour/finish options

also a lot of Guitar stores may have ex-display or secondhand bargains, so if it's not too much of a hassle to do so i'd say definitely go in for a wee look :)

oh and it may be possible, if purchasing a guitar and amp to get some extras thrown in for free - extra set of strings, picks, Guitar lead maybe ;)

and if you where interested in something secondhand or ex-display (if they had it in-store) i'd always ask for a lower price on these items - at least 10% reduction ;) - nothing wrong with a wee bit bartering :D


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Cool Harish ;)

if you have the bug to play Guitar then you will be like a kid in a candy shop - have fun :)

let us know how you get on, and if you manage to get yourself a Guitar i'd recommend visiting the forum here for advice and lessons ;) Kirk has some great lessons available for beginners and beyond, and there are a lot of nice helpful members here with a vast amount of knowledge, advice and experience to share :)

when i first started learning Guitar there were a lot less resources available for advice and lessons etc... (no internet at that time) nowadays there are a limitless amount of sites etc.. with lessons and such available and lots of different opinions and approaches to take when learning - but i'd recommend Kirks' approach and advice :yes: .......i wish this was available when i first took the plunge.


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