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carol m

Tiny Ruins: an Interesting Songwriter

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I just found a young New Zealand songwriter who writes interesting lyrics - nice voice and guitar skills too.

There are lots of her songs on Youtube and it's hard to choose which to link to, but for interesting lyrics, check out these two:

Priest with Balloons

Old as the Hills: 'She's got a bullet in her bonnet, the last (or loss?) that she owned, and a gun in her pocket - to keep her strong as she rode.....she's worn as a train and runs on rails of old steel...wool' - I think that's what she says. :) She could work on her diction to make life easier for her fans!

Oops this forum software won't let me link to more than one video, but they are all there on youtube.

Another good one is Holes in My Pockets.

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Good lyrics to listen too when driving with the top down. She has a style of playing the guitar that matches her emotions when singing. A bass player and violin player would do her singing and playing well. I think she is good, but the musical presence needs to be balanced more with some accompliment. Thanks for posting, Carol.

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