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Samick SK-7 Built by S. Yairi

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Hey, y'all. I've got a challenge for ya. I made a trade for a Samick SK-7 last week. The label says, "by S. Yairi". All the info I've been able to scrounge up is that it was built it Korea. It has a solid cedar top, redwood back and sides and that it was discontinued in 1994. It's named as part of the "Samick Pro Series". This is about all I'm getting. It's a beautiful guitar. It's shaped like an Advanced Jumbo but it's actually thicker than an AJ with an arched back and a 1/4" (roughly) wide herringbone down the back. The tone is full and well balanced throughout, which I think is awesome!! I've found info on the S-7 but like I said, very little on the SK-7. This guitar also has an under the saddle pickup with no preamp. Just a simpleplug-n-play type setup. No tone or volume knobs either. I ddon't know what it sounds like plugged in because the 9 volt battery terminal is broken and needs to be replaced. (Hellooo, Radio Shack!)

If anyone has ANY info on this fantastic guitar, PLEASE let me know! I've always been able to count on y'all for some of the coolest info on some of the craziest stuff. I get a kick outta the things y'all know!!

Here's a couple of pics for y'all to gander at.







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Nothin'? Really? I'm surprised. Hmm. This is a GREAT soundin' and playin' guitar. Well, I recon I'll have to ask elsewhere.

Does anyone have any suggestions of where to go to find out somethin' about this sucker?

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how'do daddy'o :) i can't help with any info on this particular guitar, but some response is better than none ;)

at the moment i have a Samick guitar that i was setting up for a friend (it's for sale ;) ) it's a super strat style with floyd rose trem etc.... i struggled to find much info for that guitar, i know it's from around 1993, but not much else....................also my own Epiphone Sheraton, made around 1997, was made in the Samick factory............from my experience - Good guitars :D


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and I've got what you want.

A old catalog from Samick with all Steelstring-Guitars form Yairi and 've got a S7-EC and I had a S7 until last year (as I got the S7-EC from the US).

Here is a link to the catalog


and here is a lint to a small youtube I made to sell the S7.

If you want to sell your S7-K please let me know. I'm willing to pay what I payed for the S7-EC I bought from "vintage guitar gems" ebay - cyberlane2.




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