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Kirk Lorange

PlaneTalk -- New package, new price.

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Times being what they are and money being tight as it is, I've decided to offer a cut-down PlaneTalk package. It consists of the main elements, namely the Book, the DVD and the Slide Rule. This is in fact the original package.

What's missing is the Private PlaneTalkers' Forum and the 16 (18 now) bonus lessons that are accessed from the forum.

This is the nuts and bolts of PlaneTalk. If you decide at a later date to join the forum and gain access to me and other PlaneTalkers, a wealth of pertinent information (like 24,132 posts) and the 18 bonus lessons (way over 2 hours of video), you can do so for $30.

How much? $60 + $15 Shipping

I'm sure you know by now what PlaneTalk is and why you should order it, but if you don't, drop into the re-vamped site and learn all about it. Be sure to read the many testimonials.

You can order your package from here!

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