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Gift from my loving wife.

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Last week I was telling my wife about the neat Dobro I saw and played over at the local Guitar Center. Yesterday, our 31st wedding anniversary, I got home from work to find a gig bag leaning against the love seat in the living room. She walked in and said,"Happy anniversary, birthday and Merry Christmas too. I asked, "you bought me a gig bag"? She said "open it up and see whats inside". I did and found that wonderful Dobro I had been playing. I have it in standard tuning for now although I did try open D and open G for a while last night. I read someplace your not supposed to change tunings on Dobros something about the set up, but I'm clueless as this is my first Dobro, can anyone fill me in on that?


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Right now I'm playing it like a regular guitar in standard tuning. I tried to tune it to open D but I couldn't get intonation right. I think thats because the spider needs to be adjusted. I'm looking for a place to get it set up today. It has a twangy sound that is just right for acoustic lead and chords ring out. I'll do a recording this weekend so you can hear what it does. BTW it has a pickup built in from what I can tell it may need a pre-amp to get it to work. Cant wait to see what it sounds like playing thru the Digitech RP250.

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