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Slide amp - to dumble or not

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On steelguitarforum.com, a site I visiit occationally, an article appeared on steel guitar amps.

About 2/3 down one of the members, Olli Haavisto, plays on his lapsteel on a custom amp that is half Fender half Dumble:


If you listen to his recording (lapsteel), you could think it were a slide guitar. However, he uses the Fender for the clean (pedal steel) parts and the Dumble for overdriven parts. The tone is very much like what I have heared earlier from David Lindley.

Intrigued by this tone, I went and built a stomp box that is said to emulate a Dumble (pre-) amp, namely the R.O.G. "umble".

If you look at the schematic, this amp is basically not very much different than the before mentioned specimen apart from a few quirky circuit details. Not surprinsingly, I could dial in exactly the same sound on my 62 Bassman modeller (Digitech RP-500) and my King of Tone clone stompbox.

Those are all effects that simulate or emulate a tube amp that goes into slight overdrive, and all are very sensitive to playing dynamics. So with any of those you should be in the ballpark.

It was not before I restrung my Les Paul (see here:http://www.guitarfor...r-hybrid-slide/)

that I realized that the difference in tone you hear during this guy´s playing comes from the pickups - he switched over to humbuckers. I noticed the same type of change when I switch from series/parallel to single coil.

Apart from and beyond that, its his masterful playing and dynamics that make the tone great.

So my conlusion:

1) no need to spend $$$ for the Dumble or any of them, a guitar with decent pickups and a simple overdrive will do.

2) the majority of tone comes from the hands. Sorry to have to say that ad nauseam.

Having all that said, whatever stompbox I make I find that 95% of it can be done with my Digitech besides a wealth of other things - at a comfort, luxury and price that can´t be beaten.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the above companies. Those are my personal preferences and observations.


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