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Javier Kthx

FL studio and Guitar Link USB

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I've recently bought a Squier Strat Bullet, and got a guitar link. When ever I load it up to FL, there's so much unwanted background noise (yes I am using the ASIO4ALL driver), but it sometimes disappears when playing, but comes back afterwards. Does anyone know what to do? Maybe the interface is at fault? :/

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Did you take into account that a Strat has single coil pickups and that those are sensitive to stray magnetic fields as hell? In lever switch positions 2 and 4 it will be somewhat better. PC monitors radiate enormous electrostatic fields and sitting in front of a PC for homerecording is one of the worst scenarios for a Strat you can imagine. Try to get a few meters away and see if the problem persists.

There is nothing much you can do about that except gaining distance...


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