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Guitarcraft creative app for Android users

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Hi, I have developed an app for Android phones. I hope you don't interpret this as spam but it's kind of developed for people like you (and me) in mind. At least I have really missed something like this..

As a guitar player I've been missing a proper mobile application to record ideas that might pop into my head when I don't have a guitar (or recording studio) around. I got the idea of quickly being able to tap down tabulature and rythm into an app one year ago and started developing the app immediately.

It has taken a long while, especially getting that latency down and make a responsive user experience. I've released the first version which I think many people will find useful, but I will continue to develop more features based on user feedback.

Creating a riff or solo is a two step process.

1. Touch all the notes you want in your riff. This includes bends, vibratos, palm mutes, chords etc. Do not think about timing of the notes, that's in step 2.

2. Press the "Record" button (button with circle in middle on top of screen). Tap when the next note should be played / strummed until the end of the song.

If you are happy you can now save the riff, or experiment further.

If you'd like to store the current state of your riff, you can save and clone it to continue in another file.

Anyways, I'd like to tell you about my app, hopefully you like it. It's available for Android phones currently, and should work on both phones and tablets.

Watch demonstration and get it at Google Play

Also, suggestions or feedback is most welcome!


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