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Brand new to music, thinking I want a Semi-Hollow body, would appreciate some suggestions/advice

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Just like the title says, I've never had any experience with playing a guitar, (I don't think I've ever even held one...), but I've done quite a bit of research and listening to various types of guitars all day today and yesterday. Based on my research, it seems like I could probably get a decent start with $200-300 on the guitar, and I'd rather skip the amp for now because I don't have a lot of space and I think a semi-hollow would be loud enough to play by itself. I know general advice on here is to go to a store with someone who plays, but unfortunately I don't a know a single person that's ever played.

I really like the sound coming out of this machine

so I was wondering if you guys could maybe make a few suggestions on guitars similar to that Ibanez, since I think it's a little out of my price range. If I had to make a second choice of what I like, I think it would be the Fender TC 90

Thanks for anything you can give me! I truly appreciate it and really look forward to getting into playing.

Quick Edit: Is buying a used a decent idea? I know there are risks but there's a local music pawn shop with pretty good reviews, I don't know the cost vs risk of used though.

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Hey mrwhitepantz,

Welcome to the forum.

A few thoughts.

1) My first guitar was a Samick/Greg Bennett rl-2 semi-hollow guitar. You can pick one up used for around $300. It's a great little guitar for the money--stays in tune, has a nice warm sound, etc. However, I can tell you that it doesn't really project much more unplugged than any of my solid body guitars--it's not an acoustic and it doesn't perform like one.

2) The absolute ***best*** beginner guitar you can get is the one that will inspire you to pick it up and practice, so I would suggest that you get whatever makes your heart skip a beat when you hear it.

3) Apropos to (2) above, a $15 investment in a guitar stand will be more that worth the money. Having the guitar out and available (as opposed to packed in its case) will make it that much more likely that you will practice.

4) USED!!!! Due to a glut of guitars flooding the market and a sluggish economy, it is a buyers market for guitars right now, meaning that you can pick up a killer guitar for cheap in the used market. A few cosmetic scratches/dings can bring a much higher-end instrument into your price range.

5) FWIW, I would not buy a guitar that I had not personally put my hands on. I understand that you don't know how to play yet, but even still you will be able to get a feel for the weight, size of the body, thickness of the neck, etc. Again, if a guitar feels comfortable, it's much more likely that you will pick it up and practice as opposed to a guitar that feels too heavy/clumsy/etc.

Good luck, and happy practicing!

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Thanks for the advice RolandC! I will definitely get into a shop and check some out before I do anything. I definitely wasn't looking to have a semi-hollow project quite like a full acoustic, since I live in a pretty small apartment I would prefer something a slightly on the quiet side. That said, maybe it would really be worth it to pick up a cheap little practice amp or something to play with.

The stand sounds like a great idea! I hadn't really thought about storing it I think you're totally right, I would be way more likely to keep at it if all I had to do was grab it off a stand rather than unpack it every time.

Thanks again!

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