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Recording guitar with a mic. Help please?

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Hi, i need recording help. I've got the Audio Technica MB2K mic and an orange crush pix12L. And ive tried everyt mic position but its still sounds like the amp is on one side of a wooden door and the mic is on the other. I just don't know what to do, but i know it can work because i've heard good quality recordings on youtube. (


Any suggestions?

In the upload, the mic is standing about 3-4cm from the speaker.


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Hi there

If you have the mic close to the grill on the cab and then move from the centre out to the edge of the cone you will find a whole range of tones that should not be muddy. Dead centre should be very bright (and not my favourite place to mic a cab!)

What are you recording into? Might be worth checking your settings on whatever it is you are taking it into, also checking the lead and lastly the mic itself. Maybe record yourself speaking into it and see if that is muddy.

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+ 1 for Scottys' advice ;)

but listening to your test recording and looking at the amp you have, i think you are expecting a little too much of this wee amp - it only has a 6 inch speaker, so it is never going to sound like a full on metal stack, it is a practice amplifier after all


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