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does anyone here use EZdrummer ? if so with what recording software ?

i have EZdrummer with Cubase5, i'm having too many issues of crashing and failure to load, if i'm lucky 1 in 10 times EZdrummer loads up and plays, and works fine, the other 9 times tho....... :brickwall:

i've re-installed Cubase and EZdrummer, i also updated EZdrummer to no avail.....

i thought it'd maybe be worth trying different recording software (EZdrummer is a VST plug-in) any recommendations ?


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Hi Paul, I don't have EZdrummer so can't help there. I assume you are on a Microsoft PC, so... many people record using Reaper (free) or Audacity - also free. If you can pick up an old Apple computer they have a program called GarageBand which is good.

I know Chris uses Mixcraft for making backing tracks - it's not free but not very expensive.

Also there are a couple of Loop websites where you can download free demo's, and if you can loop plus mix and match you could probably construct a drum track without using EZ drummer and still use Cubase. Try Platinum Loops and Silicon Sounds. Loop Galaxy is another one, but I don't know if it's free or not.

There are also some free online drum/beats programs that others used to use, but I've forgotten what they were :) Maybe a google search would find them?

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Hey Carol thanks for the tips ;) Reaper or Audacity sound good (free) :D

i have other drum creation software with Cubase, but the only reason i use Cubase is to open EZdrummer,

i'll check these two out ......i've heard of Reaper mentioned

EZdrummer is the best Real drum samples i've heard, and when working.....is easy and has a nice interface :)

i'd recommend it to everyone


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thanks for the advice Carol :)

i managed to get Reaper installed..........and :) .....it works perfectly with EZdrummer :D

there was a wee bit of setting up to get Reaper to find EZdrummer...........but i figured it out


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