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Nylon string question.

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I recently picked up a used 1/2 size nylon string acoustic for one of my kids. It had a few broken and missing strings when I got it so I restrung it with new strings. First time I ever restrung a guitar of any type, let alone a nylon string. Now the problem I have is every time it gets played it needs to be tuned at the start and then half way through about a 20 minute session. Did I do something wrong, or is this normal and the strings need to stretch a little bit at first?

Edit: Forgot to mention that I used Ernie Ball Earthwood strings with a ball end instead of needing to be tied.

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Sounds normal enough to me.

The jury is still out on stretching techniques. I don't stretch strings because I want them to reach their working length naturally. My clumsy hands could cause uneven stretches, weak points, in the strings. (There's probably no empirical evidence to support my phobia!) So I do what you've done and tune, then retune over a period of time. Time here is the operative word. I have time. If I was going to do a gig, then I'd want them stretched straight away so they'd stay in tune for at least a bracket or so. And I'd be throwing them away before the next gig anyway so there'd be no problem. But as I've said, I'm not, I don't, they needn't, I won't be and there isn't for me either!

It's my opinion that my strings last and sound good for several months, maybe longer. Rarely do they break (stupidity can change this outcome.) Tuning, however, will always be required because of atmospheric changes affecting the guitar. We live with it, and rejoice that our instruments are sensitive enough to be affected by heat and humidity.

Please take advice from everyone who answers and then do it your way. You'll never be criticised for having your own style and opinion, or for stringing the way you feel is best.

Keep in touch.

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Karcey summed it up nicely. All strings stretch and will settle down over time.


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i'm not sure about nylon strings...............but with steel strings (and i may be wrong), but it is my understanding that strings don't really stretch, it is more an issue of equalising the tension behind the nut and before the saddle, and the ball end of the string, the actual playable length of the string doesn't stretch but needs bedded in equally at both ends..............obviously temperature will (as with everything) affect the string length..... as everything, with the exception of water contracts when cold

i have found that the technique for locking the string at the tuner/machinehead helps a lot, it's basically pulling the end of the string(after it passes through the machinehead) back round and under where the string will wind when you tune the string, which locks the string under its own tension.....i've not explained that very well......lol......i'll try to find a picture showing what i mean


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